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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Will Games Go Union?

I think this might the be crux of it:

Taylor Ball disagrees. An attorney at the Los Angeles-based firm of Mitchell, Silberberg, and Knupp, he most often represents employers in the entertainment industry.

"I'm afraid things aren't going to go the way that's best for both the workers and the employers," says Ball. "If you ask me what's my advice to the workers, it's to carefully evaluate the gains they think they're going to achieve via unionization versus the gains they think they can realistically obtain by working with their employers through an open-door policy. I mean, there have been some real changes at EA based on an anonymous e-mail. If an anonymous e-mail can do that, do you really need a union? Do you really need to start paying dues? Do you really need to start worrying about strikes?"
-- Video Game Workers Still on the Fence Regarding Unionization []

Is the internet and the power of bad publicity powerful enough to voice the demands of the professional game developer?

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