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Friday, August 12, 2005

We Invade Mars (again)

Now that the recon droids have surveyed the area, we're scouting out likely locations to get boots on the ground:

During its first two years, the orbiter will help build on NASA's knowledge of the history of ice on the planet. The planet is cold and dry with large caps of frozen water at its poles. But scientists think it was a wetter and possibly warmer place eons ago — conditions that might have been conducive to life. Scientists are also trying to determine if it could support future human outposts.
-- Spacecraft Blasts Off to Gather Mars Data

Better watch it you three-eyed, green skinned bastards. We're coming.


Chip Nelson said...

The question isn't if we are coming but why?

Josh said...

To steal from Jon Stewart, it's probably for all that sweet sweet Martian crude oil.