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Monday, August 08, 2005

David Byrne On Games

David Byrne, who if I recall correctly once made art out of PowerPoint, also is interested in games as art ( thanks gewgaw ):

We don’t much identify with the characters in videogames either, except to the extent that they are avatars of ourselves. They don’t exist apart from our own decision-making. In books and movies the characters have their own motivations and personalities, we may love or hate them, but they are not us. Somehow the fact that they are not exactly the same as us allows us to invest more emotionally in them and their future. The distance allows us to see part of ourselves — a problem, an issue or a relationship — being acted out to some unknown conclusion. Or even to a known conclusion — many myths and stories don’t lose power even though we know the ending. So it’s not about the surprise of the change, it’s about the resonance and thrill of observing it happen
-- David Byrne's Journal, July 31st

That link might go sour once it isn't "current", mind you.

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