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Friday, August 12, 2005

SOE Should Add Another Rule

Immersion Versus Profit
Forcing obnoxious Fanta ads into your already dwindling MMO sci-fi shooter is probably really stupid.

PlanetSide is now officially my least favorite game of all time. I didn't think it could get any worse. I was wrong. They shove completely out of place ads onto people and aren't even discussing a subscription break. Nice.


Jeff Freeman said...

Do you play planetside?

Josh said...

At one point I did, or rather tried to. Miserable experience. Kept crashing, at one time I spawned as a wall ... or in a wall ... it really makes little difference. Patches seemed to fix one thing and break something else and their tech support was the worse. In fact, their tech support annoyed me so much that I posted a parody message of their canned "Please go through all your logs and post them so we may ignore you" response ... and got banned for it.

Banned not just from the forums, but the game as well mind you. Yeah, I got banned from an MMO for being mean to tech support.

I still know some people who play it semi-fervently, but even they pretty much admit that they are just waiting for someone else to try an MMOFPS. It definately had potential, it just didn't have the chops.