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Monday, August 08, 2005

DS Homebrew sans Nintendo

If the big game companies don't want to find a way to support the homebrewers, maybe the market will evolve to the point that they don't have to do. On one hand you have increasingly sophisticated software, like this Nintendo DS port of Heretic, and then on the other you have the upcoming M3 Movie Player for DS ... which among other things allows you to "play NDS and GBA game ROMs".

While yeah, there's clearly other ways to get your software installed on the DS, it's great to see such a highly visible, marketable item see fit to include this. Gamers are more likely to buy something like that than Nintendo's own Play-Yan, which doesn't allow such a feature.

Unless Nintendo aims to break this through some kind of firmware update, playing homebrew looks like it's only going to get easier.

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