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Saturday, August 13, 2005

JoWood V. Perception, Round 1

Well, I'm equally slow on the posting that Perception has announced it's continuing development and that JoWood is nothing but a pack of filthy liars. Course, JoWood is essentially calling Perception a pack of filthy liars, so this is getting to Carrollian propotions of nonsense.

On one side you have JoWood, a publisher with a less than starling image trying to claim ownership of a license that nobody can seem to figure out if they have any claim to, regardless of Perception's work (Perception was rewarded the Stargate license and my understanding would be that even if they did default - it's up to MGM).

On the other you have Perception which is working on their first ever console/PC title, having only two relatively obscure arcade games under the belt to date. And they're pushing a shooter title into an already crowded shooter market. I mean, even id had trouble making a success from an FPS game and they're responsible for the genre.

Bottom line is - none of this looks good for the gamer. Sure, JoWood is being a dick here but they probably wouldn't do that if they knew they'd get a quality title out of the deal for the holidays. It's bad enough to leave things up to studios and publishers sometimes, but at this point it's down to the lawyers ... so it's quite likely that Stargate fans are going to have to wait much longer to get the game they want.

On a side question - Unreal license + Stargate franchise rights. Wonder how much money went into this game before hour one was even billed. It's not like that combination hasn't been used before ... including Star Wars and Star Trek ... but those are usually done with more experienced dev teams. Was any of this, from Perception to JoWood, such a great idea to begin with?

Guess we'll have to wait and see. Love to be wrong on this one.

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