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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Two Week Unity Widget Contest

Unity is a game development environment for the Macintosh, and they're trying to get people to take a free spin for two weeks and see what they can accomplish in terms of making a Dashboard game:

The competition runs for 14 days and the deadline for submissions is August 22 2005. We have some real fancy prizes to give out and the rules are simple so let the games begin: If you don't have it already, download Unity and get started. You can have your first Dashboard Widget in 15 minutes, and from there on only the sky's the limit.

If you already used your trial period, use the yellow sidebar item on the right to request a fresh trial for the run of the competition.

Today's top-notch game technology has been packed under Unity's hood, and some of tomorrow's too. High-octane Doom3 type graphics, amazing physics simulation, all stuffable into those tiny Widgets that Apple with characteristic charm put into Tiger, their latest Mac OS X update.
-- The Unity Dashboard Widget Challenge

I'm contemplating this, although I gotta say - two weeks is a really short time for a person, or even a group, to get the hang of a new environment and produce anything really ready for public viewing. Still, I've got an idea involving toy boats for a game that this might be perfect for.

Update: I should clarify that Unity has a trial period that is the same as the time of this challenge, and older trials can be renewed for it. So this is a free download to try it out for this contest.

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