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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When Jack Attacks (Part Gazillion)

Apparently Kotaku airing BatJack's legal capers didn't go over that well with him and in his usual scream at the cloud strategy, Thompson carries out an email lashing. Crecente wonders if this doesn't fall under the definition of harrassment (with BJ repeatedly trying to get him fired).

My favorite parts (in no particular order):

- BatJack seems unfamiliar with legal documents bearing his name. Surprising? Not really.

- BatJack, who routinely tries to censor material he deems unsuitable by getting it pulled from shelves, has the email address "". (Readers should use that address as they see fit)

- Apparently when I wasn't reading Kotaku, BatJack confused Florian Eckhart with a girl, because Florian sounded girlish to him. It's OK, Jack, I thought Florian was a chick too - but that was just because of his writing style. ( ... I kid because ... I'm mean ... )

- On the "scariest day of his life" with his wife having surgery - BatJack doesn't have time to completely vet the Kotaku article. He still has time to write a really nasty email, of course, just not time to research it. The Girl and I have a standing agreement that if she's going to the hospital and I'm emailing Brian Crecente - she gets to pop a cap in my ass. Caliber of her choosing.

- BatJack has a lawyer named Ray Reiser. This should be obvious - BatJack needs a lawyer ... evident by the Kotaku article itself, actually. Still "Ray Reiser". I think there's sitcom potential there.

BatJack repeats a threat to sue Kotaku. This is apparently what happens when Bully isn't worth protesting or nobody happened to shoot anyone with an Xbox laying around.

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Anonymous said...

He should hire Bob Loblaw. I understand he's very good.

If that joke didn't make any sense, you can either watch the third season of Arrested Development, or say the name "Bob Loblaw" quickly a few times...

Josh said...

Bob Loblaw remains one of Baio's crowning achievements.

"Ray Reiser" reminds me of a Superman style character name. Short, alliterative. Clark Kent. Lex Luthor. Lois Lane. Lana Lang. Ray Reiser.

Thomas said...

I prefer to get my legal advice by proxy from Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.

Anonymous said...

"Bob Loblaw remains one of Baio's crowning achievements."

One of? The mind boggles at the thought that there may be others. Oh wait! Charles in Charge, right?

...and yes, Ray Reiser has a good old fashioned comicy-book feel to it. Perhaps we should write one for them. I'd bet they'd love it.

Josh said...

Charles In Charge featured not one but -two- future Baywatch alums.

What more could you want? :)

Brinstar said...

Bah. I knew Florian Eckhardt was a guy because of the way he writes. He is my least favourite Kotaku writer, and one of the reasons I stopped reading.

Josh said...

OK, yes, I admit - saying Florian writes like a girl was probably an insult to girls. Consider my mea culpe'd.

Anonymous said...

What's this Kotaku you Otaku are always on about?