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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Grand Text Auto On Randolph Carter

The Case of Randolph Carter is a AJAX hypertext, well-written and frequently engaging, designed to play out in nine different endings and to incorporate some elements of interactive fiction. One clicks to select words and actions rather than typing commands. While I don’t find the interface as appealing as the standard textual exchange of IF, those who aren’t fans of typing to their fiction may have a different opinion.
-- Dead IF Lies Dreaming

I should hunt down the precise language of the Slamdance critique and publish it ... I think, however, the core problem with Carter versus traditional IF is the lack of clear casuality. It's exploration, sure, but it's not necessarily the same as allowing the reader to have a plan. It's not correlation. Thanks to Nick for the note and Curmudgeon for passing it along.

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