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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

TV Watch: The Morning After Veronica

I think I've finally gotten to the point where I doubt the current season of Veronica will get any better. I think it's finally reached a plateau and simply is. The mystery of the week won't have the same zing has season one and the overall plot will simply be disjointed. It's a love it or leave it scenario.

Or like it. I suppose for now I can simply like Veronica. They make it hard, though, when they foist silly relationship plot points just to set up another melt down. It's like watching amatuer hour on a soap opera, honestly. I can't decide which I care less about - V jumping back into Logan's bed pretty much just because or Logan turning into whiny baby about her inevitable breakdown.

Here's the thing with Veronica and Logan. I agree with Dick. There you go - it's gotten that bad. The show's cliche shallow mysoginist actually has the moral high ground on these two.

Kinda like Heroes - Mars needs focus. We spend a lot of time popping in between characters and concepts without much to hold onto - and in the end we just miss old friends like Mac and Wallace all the more. The show is still entertaining - largely due to well written dialogue and Kristen Bell's ability to steal her own scenes. It's OK to good ... but that's painful knowing how great it still could be if it went back to its core.


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