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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

TV Watch: The Problem With Sylar

This week's Heroes marked another uptick. I still don't know why we should care about Hooker Mom's plight - except for her liason with Flying Guy and problems with Linderman - she's completely removed from the plot. Was there no Mind Cop this time around? Good idea. Heroes cast a wide net, and it has this tendency to drag the show along. More focus, tighter stories, less holes to jump through.

However, it occured to me that Sylar might be like the worst villain ever written. Not just because he's your run-of-the-mill psychotic. No, he's the R2D2 of psychotics. We have no idea how many powers he has stolen. The Girl asked how he managed to hibernate and cheat death. Who knows? I guess he stole a Yeti brain. How did he escape? Maybe he teleported. Who knows?

And of course now that Mimic Boy can use any power he remembers - he's got the same kind of potential. I'm guessing Mimic Boy won't be around long enough to be that kind of problem for th writers.

Jack's Lucky Day
Oh and on 24 ... how lucky can Jack get? He gets to torture his brother twice. You have to love the family values on this show. Is everyone in Jack's family an idiot or traitor? Is he like the black sheep at every gathering?

And just how did their botched concrete death "go to plan"? Remember, Graham told the guards to make sure it went according to plan. So that plan was - "act like a stormtrooper and wait for a good time to get shot." Damn I hope they have a good health plan at that company.



Winkyboy said...

Mimic Boy should now be the most powerful hero out there, considering that he's had a run-in with Sylar, who can apparently only take another's power when they're killed.

Back in the Magic-playing days, the mimics that could copy other cards were quite-often so powerful that they just unbalanced game play. Same thing here, which would not surprise me if they somehow decided to write him out of the story.

And yeah, psycho-mom's thread seems so ... pointless.

Josh said...

Yeah, Mimic Boy's only problem is control and he's getting around that right now. At the very least he can fly, control time, go invisible and be invulnerable.

Now, they may make it so that he can't do all of those at once and that it takes him time to concentrate and "remember" a power. Still, wild card to the max.