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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Vista Breaks Down When Seeing "Get A Mac"?

That's what New Launches found when they tried to browse to Apple's "Get A Mac" ad with Windows Vista's IE7. Gee, petty much?

In moderately related news, Walmart apparently couldn't find a web developer for their new video download store that can load CSS into FireFox. Yeesh. It's like 1996 all over again.


Patrick said...

Because bugs deter people from switching to a BSD based operating system.

Thomas said...

Those ads are Quicktime. Apple's been in no hurry to get its apps running on Vista, like iTunes. So it's more likely that Apple's plugin is crashing IE, and not some kind of Vista Conspiracy or bug switch campaign.

Josh said...

Dang I wish I had Vista to test. That's a reasonable theory, although Quicktime would actually be a major priority for Apple to get running in Windows - it's major component of getting iTunes running correctly on Windows among other things. Even just for IE, Apple does a lot of business in movie trailers and the like. They want the world on Quicktime, not just Macs.

I would be less suspicious of Microsoft if they weren't the same company that intentionally broke for all Opera browsers.

Winkyboy said...

I personally think this is more of an Apple-problem; Apple's site consistently crashes for me whenever I try to access it, and I'm using Firefox on XP Pro.

Josh said...

Update (just posted) - apparently nothing of Apple's is running on Vista correctly. I imagine that's going to entail some midnight oil being burned.