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Thursday, February 08, 2007

TV Watch: Tale Of Two Islands

So Lost. Where were we? Ah yes, we were wondering how long after this hiatus the plot would dance around core issues with the mystery. I think best summed up, now that we're back, by Tom's quote: "Well ever since the sky turned purple - WAIT! What's behind you??? Look away before I say something moderately reveleaing!"

Or however he put it. The plus is that it was a pretty entertaining episode all by itself. The escape was pretty well laid out and the interplay between Juliet, Ben and Jack was wonderful and tense. Heck, I even managed to buy into the lame, "stay here, Alex, because Dad said so."

Or however she put it. Still, Juliet's backstory was a great chance to reveal some DHARMA secrets and all we really got is that they have yen for conception (known), they seem to be able tap into or control random events (known) and that at one point they hired Batmanuel (not known, funny, irrelevant).

I might be more optimistic if the show wasn't returning to psychic Desmond, Nikki and Paolo (or as I like to call them - Wishbone and Bearmeat ... as in I hope polar uses them for meat and picking teeth).

Good episode - I just don't think the show has any signs right now of righting it's current track of derailment.

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