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Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 IGF Mod Winners

IGF has announced their 2007 mod winners:

"The IGF Modding Competition and Student Showcase are both vibrant
competitions in their own right which show the amazing state of indie
gaming," said Simon Carless, IGF chairman. "Modifying existing games can
create creative, spectacular results, and today's game students are making
ever more stand-out games, so we're delighted to honor them both in the

The four winners of the IGF Modding Categories which will be considered for the 2007 Best Mod Award are:

Best Singleplayer FPS Mod -- Weekday Warrior mod for Half-Life 2, by Cut Corner Company Productions

Best RPG Mod -- Darkness over Daggerford mod for Neverwinter Nights, by Ossian Studios

Best Multiplayer FPS Mod -- Eternal Silence mod for Half-Life 2, by ES Team

Best Other Mod -- Spawn of Deflebub mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, by Ludocraft
-- Ninth Annual Independent Games Festival Names 2007 Mod Competition and Student Showcase Finalists

Dang, I've never heard of any of them. Either I've gotten that removed from mods in general or ... no, that's probably it.

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1 comment:

Troy Goodfellow said...

I can speak to the quality of Darkness over Daggerford. It had a few bugs, but is really a top notch adventure for NWN.