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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Will There Be An iPhone SDK?

I have my doubts. Check out this:

Brian Jepson added:

I ran across something else. This is pretty depressing:

"It's not extensible by third parties, only Apple. The means at the moment no RSS readers, no Slingplayers."

Phil Torrone replied:


its 6 months away, a lot will change. plus, part of the keynote said this...

"'[OSX] let us create desktop class applications and networking, not the crippled stuff you find on most phones, these are real desktop applications.' He's quoting Alan Kay - 'People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.' 'So we're bringing breakthrough software to a mobile device for the first time.'"

technically there are rss readers, since you can make widgets for it, id rather have someone have a MAKE app on their phone than a general rss reader - branding and all..

any hoo, 6m is a long time and apple isnt going to screw up, everyone is watching, closely.
-- O'Reilly Radar > Back channel O'Reilly editors chatter on iphone

I dunno what to make of that. I wouldn't have thought Apple would keep the iPod SDK under such wraps for so long. I mean, I get it's their crown jewel and all (someone at work pointed out that the Macworld keynote was rather devoid of Macs).

I have my doubts, but I'll keep my hopes around.

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Anonymous said...

Pssst. I know you'll probably soon tire of hearing me say this, but...


Thomas said...

Torrone's a hopeful guy. Between Apple's long-standing reticence and Cingular's cell-phone lockdown tendencies, I think there's a good chance that third parties will not have access to this device. They will have the ability to make web apps for it, but that's not much of a selling point when you can get Opera on a S60 or Windows Mobile smartphone for half the price.

It won't be as pretty. But I like real buttons, personally.

Josh said...

C: Yeah, but what kind of audience will that have?

And if I had to crystal ball this right now, I'd say there will be no SDK, no open platform.

Once again, web apps may become the way for a ubiqitous game design. Weird.

Anonymous said...

It's rather a chicken and egg problem, isn't it? But yeah, it will have a pretty small audience. I'd like to think that'll only be for a limited time, but I know better.

Of course, with more and more overseas countries turning away from proprietary technologies, OpenMoko may gain considerable non-US footage.

Josh said...

Total chicken and egg. Unfortunately, game platforms just don't work well on a "if you build it" philosophy. See Tapwave Zodiac :(

But it does sound cool. Just having that kind of thing out there at least gives the mainstream good ideas to go by,