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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Et tu, Blogger?

As I was trying to do a morning post, Blogger's ever friendly "Cannot Connect To Blogger" message kept appearing. There's this link to click and test your connection. Since I was done, I clicked it.

Apparently it spammed the server so hard trying to confirm said server's existence that the server first locked my account for being spyware (that spyware being Blogger itself) and then just died for a while (at least for me).

Nice. No, I can't move to Blogger 2.0 yet. I haven't been offered the chance to port. Probably because Cathode Tan has a lot of archives.

Grrrr. Thankfully I saved the text of the post elsewhere. Coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I think if you're part of a team blog that uses 2.0 you get the chance to go to 2.0 for your other blogs. Want a guest stint on Curmudgeon Gamer?

Josh said...

Well I just now tried to port CT again and got the big bong sound, it probably won't help :(

And I can't get to CG at work - when I do much of my writing :)

Wait, though, how many posts do you guys have? Surely I can't be any larger.

Worse - blogger keeps getting confused and knocking me out.

Anonymous said...

We're sitting at 543 posts right now. How many here? We were around 520+ posts when we made the jump to Blogger 2.0.

Keep in mind that there are something around 400 posts (in addition to the 543) in the old Geeklog-based system that I haven't copied over to Blogger yet. So we have a lot of posts, but only 500+ in Blogger.

Josh said...

Doh. Blogger has me at just over 2,100.

Might be the problem.

Anonymous said...

Atrios had trouble converting too. ( I bet it is a "big blog" thing.