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Monday, January 08, 2007

Dev Diary: ASCII Dungeons

I continue to toy with ASCII Adventurer (although to be frank, I'm not sure how crazy I am about the title). So far I've got a basic javascript engine which can draw a grid, place the player and two monsters, allow the player to move vertically and horizontally via the mouse, control the monsters to move closer to the player and combat so rudimentary it would make your nose bleed.

Next I'll worry about diagonal movement, basic obstacle detection and then, most importantly, actual map generation (since user defined dungeons will be a centerpiece).

I'm toying around with a system of unlockable content. So new players would have access to a few races, archtypes (classes) and items. Playing through specific dungeons will unlock new features that can be used to create new characters. I don't want to limit people in what dungeons they can play, though, so there might be a conflict there. However, I'd like to emphasize replayability by variety rather than just brute force level grinding. In fact, stats might not get raised as much as new skills and items.

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Anonymous said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post yesterday. Is something weird going on with Blogger? Something to do with transferring you to 2.0 or something?

Anonymous said...

Pft. Never mind, I'm an idiot. Did you get your STOB shirt and mug yet? I can track Thomas's package, but not your's for some reason.

Josh said...

I deja vu'd you.

Nope, no whammy here. I might have accidentally deleted a mailroom alert, but the mailroom is pretty good about just picking up the phone if I do.