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Friday, January 12, 2007

Jobs Confirms: iPhone Closed Off

Officially confirming what Dan reported earlier, Jobs told Newsweek (at the bottom) that the iPhone will indeed be a closed platform. He is quoted as saying: "You don't want your phone to be an open platform.... You need it to work when you need it to work. Cingular doesn't want to see their West Coast network go down because some application messed up."
-- Jobs Confirms iPhone is a Closed Platform

Huh. Odd. Nokia has an entire list of SDK's for their phones.

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Winkyboy said...

Apple can do whatever it wants with the iPhone - I was tired of hearing about it before I even knew it existed, and I'm quite happy watching my movies on my MDA with my wireless headphones on the bus.

Anonymous said...

Oh teh noes! Technical innovation that isn't financially benefiting a corporation!

Kill it! Kill it, my precious!

Josh said...


Yeah. But ya know - I think this is a business mistake. If a third party wrote a killer app ....

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to map some sort of business/technology innovation approach spectrum. The problem with all my attempts thus far are that I simply don't comprehend a closed structure model or why anyone thinks it's a long term profitability approach.