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Monday, January 08, 2007

TV Watch: Fox Post-Game

I actually rather like football, but I'm not huge follower of the sport. Or any sport, rather. The Girl knows the teams and players much more than I do. Not to mention the rules, calls, and jargon. Still, I enjoy watching it from time to time, even without the in-depth knowledge that people use for fantasy drafts.

So you'll excuse if I always get extremely annoyed that while waiting for The Simpsons I actually have to listen to Terry Bradshaw say ... well anything at all. The game's over. You'll have a whole week to talk about that play. Your time is up. Futurama got clobbered by Fox because most of the time people who wanted to watch it ended up watching ... Terry Bradshaw. Who may have a passing resemblence to Bender - isn't nearly as entertaining.

At least last night they started the show at the beginning instead of cutting in the middle. Really, though, when the game's over and you're risking cutting into your normal broadcast schedule - just cut the yabber short and roll the credits.


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