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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Spam Poetry And Other Things

Currently my project list consists of three things: 1) Figure out if there is any way to make an entertaining game within iTunes. 2) Continue the Carter style framework to see if there's any way to make an entertaining game with that.

and 3) Spam Poetry. As many a geek already knows, to avoid filters spams will utilize random phrases and snippets of text to try and make it seem like they were having a normal conversation. This would be a bit like trying to pass a lie detector test by faking schizophrenia. Interestingly, it even works sometimes.

Now spam poetry isn't exactly new. If you google it you'll find a few examples out there on the net. My take on it is that spam is poetic - it just needs editing. Lots and lots and lots of editing. And new words and phrases to tie it together. Most people rely on spam to be interesting by being completely nonsensical. I think it could be interesting by trying to string together something sensical from the nonsense.

Here's three haiku's as an example:

Exclude Minus Haiku
meta word unique
so narrow your search's field
century not old

Male Enhancement Haiku
to love her like war
but soon had she departed
leaving him standing

Existential Diane Haiku
two days life went on
for Diane that she might see
she never happened

Damn good thing I have a dayjob since all three of my projects have about zero chance of ever being anything resembling profitable. Did you know virtually no poet out there makes a living off their poetry?

So I guess fourth thing on the list is - keep a dayjob...

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