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Friday, December 01, 2006

MPAA Would Like To Con You

Congress is passing on a bill to protect citizens from being "pre-texted" - that being the technique used by con men, HP board investigations and Veronica Mars to fool people into think they're talking to someone else in the hopes of gaining private information.


Legislature records confirm that the MPAA's paid lobbyists worked on the measure. An aide to Bowen, who was forced out of the legislature by term limits and was elected Secretary of State, said the MPAA made its displeasure with the bill clear to lawmakers.

"The MPAA told some members the bill would interfere with piracy investigations," the aide said. The association "doesn't want to hamstring investigators."
-- MPAA Kills Anti-Pretexting Bill

Way to do the people's work. So when someone calls your ISP as you - but it's not you ... the MPAA would like to keep doing that, essentially.

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