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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mac Gaming Malaise

I don't get to use "malaise" often. And it's such a fine word. Malaise.

TUAW points to a MacWorld article on gaming which examines Mac gaming in a post next-gen console world.

It goes along predictable lines. Mac gaming feels like an oxymoron, but - as I've said before - there's real potential to be had in simple, more casual, games that don't require upgradeable graphics cards. My problem with gaming on the Mac is - I'm not sure Apple is taking it seriously. Moves like snubbing Mac game developers on iPod game development and shifting the low end Macs to shabby integrated graphics cards just makes a guy like me shake his head.

I want great games on the Mac, for the Mac, by Mac users. I'm just not sure Apple does. I mean, I'm toying with making a game in iTunes ... and iTunes doesn't even support key up. I want it and I think other people do as well ... but Apple has to be a leader here. And they simply aren't.

There are, of course, some bright points in the Mac game development sky. I'll be trying to highlight some I've found in an upcoming post.

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