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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PlayStation 3 Wishlist

Reading from Wired's review of the PlayStation 3 which notes its "lack of punch" and rounding up the opinions I've seen from other reports - here's a list of things it seems it could use before being able to meet the success of the earlier models:

Universal Friends List
These days, it's just so much better to play games with the same group of chums rather than the random griefer on the street. Get your posse and keep them gaming. Sony should be making this social networking as easy as possible. The Wii and Nintendo DS could learn a few things on this as well.

Background Downloading
There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to play a little Resistance while waiting for that download to finish.

Better PSP Integration
Sony's missing a real opportunity to treat the PSP as a true satellite product. Look at Apple and the iPod. The PSP is a media machine. The PS3 is a media machine. The PS3 should be the PSP's bigass remote storage bay and the PSP should browse PS3 contents and capabilities without worrying about what the PS3 itself is doing. Not a remote display - a remote browser.

Next-Generation Title
It won't be Killzone. Sony needs something other than a Halo killer ... they need something which makes people think differently about gaming in general. An excellent co-op title or something as novel as Katamari. Perhaps a title which emphasizes using the PSP for gameplay or takes full advantage of the storage capacity of the Blu Ray. Think about how PS1 titles ushered in a shift by having serious cinematics and times it by a thousand and ... oh wait, sorry, that's Meet Joe Black.

More Media Downloads
Apple has movies and shows. Microsoft has shows. Sony has Talledega Nights. You're Sony. Show us some studio love.

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