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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

That Xpod-Boy-Thing ...

Game|Life talks a bit more on the Xpod-Boy-Thing "rumors", which are starting to resemble Origami rumors in about every possible way. Even if it doesn't happen this holiday (and it probably will), here's why it will probably will eventually:

Microsoft has the hardware bug
With the 360, Microsoft is starting to learn how to actually make profitable hardware. It's not quite there yet, mind you, but it's learning the margin between power and profit. We should remember that the iPod is insanely profitable hardware-wise and now that MS has gotten it's feet wet somewhat, that's gotta look like an attractive goal.

Keeping Up With The Joneses
And the Sonys and Nintendos too. They both have game portables which can, in some capacity, double as net devices and media players. We know Nintendo plans on integrating the DS tightly and Sony will probably follow with the PSP. Even if Microsoft doesn't set the world on fire with the Xpod-Boy-Thing (XBT) ... it will want to put the 360 on equal footing with the competitors.

Microsoft Loves Media
Microsoft has a long standing foot war with people like Apple and Real on the hegemony of digital media. Apple has delivered a massive salvo in this war with iTunes and the iPod and just because Sony has been unable to mount a reasonable response doesn't mean that Microsoft wouldn't want to try.

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