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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sony Pulls PSP "White" Ad

Sony's pulled the plug on their "PSP White is coming" ad campaign in the Netherlands, which depicted, well, you know. We're not gonna call it an admission of guilt or anything (and neither did they, read on), but Sony did apologize to those offended by the campaign, also stating, "We recognize that the subject matter of one specific image may have caused concern in some countries not directly affected by the advertising. As a result, we have now withdrawn the campaign." We're quite well aware of the cultural context in which advertising must be taken, but it's apparent the world holds a company like Sony to a higher standard, and Sony can apparently recognize this as well.
-- Sony pulls "PSP White is coming" ads in Netherlands

I only have this to say about the apparent brouhaha - I've been to Amsterdam and trust me ... there's a lot of ads there that would offend the average American. Some even feature nipples.

Still, if any company should be aware of the growing globalization of advertising, including print, it should be Sony.

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