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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fallout 3 Lives?

But then, a voice in the dark cried forth. Fallout 3 lives! And the warden that would revive it from the brink of nothingness would be Bethesda Softworks! Rejoice! Yes, makers of Morrowind and Oblivion are now hard at work on the next vault dweller's journeys, and we couldn't have picked a better suitor.
-- Fallout 3 - 2006 Games Guide - Gaming Evolution (digg it)

It would make for an interesting marriage. Fallout and Elder Scrolls are both milestones in free form RPG play ... so perhaps it is like peanut butter in your chocolate (or the other way around). Still, turn based combat is becoming even more of a dying breed and to see Fallout go this way would just be another nail in the coffin. Not that it wouldn't make a great game, but it seems different than what many a Fallout fan was probably wanting.

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1 comment:

Corvus said...

Oh goodie. Now the Fallout world will be subject to stiff animation, expressionless NPCs and long stretches of pointless boredom. Well, if it isn't dead already, that ought to kill it.