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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

End Of The Line MUD Rememberence

The races don’t seem all that weird (save for: chicken, pig, squid, and teddy bear), its the areas that you fight in that are truly great. You can walk around and kill everything from StarTrek characters to Smurfs, typical fantasy creatures to hillbillies, John Madden to Billy Ray Sirus. There are a multitude of guilds (which are basically character classes) and specializations to truly customize your character.
-- Uber-Geeks » Blog Archive » End of the Line MUD (EotL)

I never got terribly into MUDs ... it was one of those things that seems just on the edge of what I played ... somewhere in between BBS door games (like that statement doesn't age me) and standard CRPG's. Descriptions like this support my theory that some lessons from the last few generations are getting forgotten. I'd love to play a modern day RPG where a pig can attack a teddy bear over a Smurf's gold. I mean, who wouldn't?

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