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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Interactive Fiction First Time Foibles

From, I stumbled on this list of stumbles one person finds in some interactive fiction:

The following list is made up of a few things I've noticed in a lot of the interactive fiction games I've tested or tried out. I've tried these games for reasons I can't entirely fathom; admittedly, it's easier and leaves fewer disfiguring scars than self-flagellation. It is not necessarily any less painful though.
-- First-Timer Foibles

Things like "examine me" and uninspired locations rightfully make the list.

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1 comment:

Weefz said...

Ooo, lovely article you've linked there. Almost makes me want to get into writing Interactive Fiction - I started doing a little on a MUD about 6 year ago but then it got shut down due to some nefarious doings by the owner. Those foibles make MUDS so frustrating. I played on ones where one area would beautifully parse all the synonyms you threw at it and the rooms right next to it would just play dumb until you got exactly the correct syntax.

Now you've made me want to hunt down a new copy of Lost Treasures of Infocom. My floppies got corrupted and I never did finish Planetfall :( Or most of the others, come to think of it.