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Friday, June 02, 2006

Yeah, Apple should set the example

Joystiq's synopsis of a Business Week article on Mac gaming ends on particularly sound note ... "However, it's true that one game does not always make a system a decent gaming platform, and the message is clear -- if Apple wants to get its game on, then perhaps it should set the example."

That's a good summation of what I've thought of Apple for some time. Windows will, by sheer size, remain the mainstream PC gaming platform despite what Microsoft does (like releasing a competing product or tying it to demanding software upgrades). Apple won't be able to hope for much more than what they have now out of the Doom III's and Word of Warcraft's of the world.

Unless they step up and take a stance in creating game content which exists nowhere but OS X ... the Mac will continue to be the ugly stepchild of the gaming world.

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