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Friday, June 02, 2006

Japanese Kids Get The Cool Guns

This shot was grabbed n a tiny little toy store in Ise. When planning my visit to Japan, I was totally expecting to find video games and giant robots. The wide array of extremely realistic-looking toy guns I was not. If I'd thought for a second I could get them on the plane, I might have bought a couple for movie props.
-- From Geoffrey's photostream

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Deacon said...

Those things are amazing. When I was in Okinawa I couldn't believe my eyes. They even have alternate ammo depending on what kind of weapon you buy - desert eagles have just huge BBs. I even saw a shotgun with shells - couldn't figure out how that differed from an actual shotgun - and a full-size M-16. We used to have fights with the pistols in the barracks. Damn things sting.