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Friday, June 02, 2006

Cheap PS3 And HDMI

Everyone's been pointing to the Speigel interview with Sony's Phil Harrison and kavetching that either a) he called the PlayStation 3 a "computer" or b) he defended the PS3 controller as not being a Nintendo rip. To which a) I could care less, it essentially is a computer and b) I could care less because it's not really the same controller.

But this was of note:

The PS3 will play Blu-ray-discs. The movie industry, including Sony pictures, wants HDMI-interface and HDCP copy protection, which is now pushed back because Microsoft's HD-add-on-drive doesn't have the necessary interface. And now the cheaper version of the PS3 will also come without an HDMI-interface. So you're basically jeopardizing the strategy of Sony Pictures and other film studios to protect their content. Sounds like the decision may have been contentious at Sony?
-- Interview With Sony-Exec Phil Harrison

With that controller though, Phil notes "now for the first time we can read both the primary input, which might be through the sticks, and learn what the player is doing through the secondary movement, and add the two together." So to belabor the point a bit more, while Nintendo is trying to make their controller simpler and less scary ... Sony has just complicated theirs a bit more. See the lack of resemblence now?

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zyx said...

"And now the cheaper version of the PS3 will also come without an HDMI-interface."

so... where's your point about it containing hdmi? read twice, write once... or something like that.

Josh said...

And yet creative editing will spare one every time...