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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lost: Finale Podcast Notes

Just listening to the producer's official podcast for the Lost finale. Some interesting points:

The Monster
When asked why the monster has been less visible "post-Ecko", the producers said it was part technical constraints (simply narrative bandwidth) but that also that "you've probably seen it, but just haven't realized it".

White Sky
One of them, I think Damon, continously made reference to the shutdown specifically with the "white sky" aspect. They seem to confirm that it makes the island visible and that it happened once before, with the other time being when 815 crashed. Evidently just what happened when Desmond turned the key will be a core mystery for the next season.

Hurley and The Three
Another core mystery will be just why Jack, Sawyer and Kate were taken (and, I assume, what happens to them). Hurley was apparently brought along just to be the messenger.

The Statue
The producers mostly just confirm that it's an indication of what (probably who) existed prior to DHARMA.

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