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Friday, June 02, 2006

Wii Will Download DS Demos ... while you sleep

I like my Wii, and I haven't bought it yet. It's already planning on doing nice things for me ... even before it's packaged:

But check this out. In a new interview with Nikkei BP, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that the Wii will be able to download demos of new Nintendo DS games -- Nintendo DS games! while you sleep:

"I'll give you a specific example we are planning for. Let's say your Wii is connected to the Internet in a mode that allows activation on a 24-hour basis. This would allow Nintendo to send monthly promotional demos for the DS, during the night, to the Wii consoles in each household. Users would wake up each morning, find the LED lamp on their Wii flashing, and know that Nintendo has sent them something. They would then be able to download the promotional demo from their Wii's to their Nintendo DS's."
-- Wii to Download DS Demos While You Sleep


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