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Monday, June 26, 2006

Click Ad To Continue Playing?

On the drive in this morning, NPR's All Things Considered had a bit on Massive's ingame advertising software. Mentioned, and I can't find much info about this elsewhere, is that one ad in Anarchy Online for a Toyota is actually integral to the game. If the player doesn't click on the ad to "unveil" the car ... the player doesn't continue playing the quest/mission/whatever Anarchy Online apparently employs.

Right now they're evaluating what kind of impact this had with gamers ... whether it was too intrusive. Does it scare anyone that they even feel the need to ask?

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Jason "Botswana" Cox said...

(Heh, word verify - chunkps)

So the divide between marketing and gamers continue. They keep wanting to sell stuff to it, but they keep doing it in the most inept ways possible.

jaded said...

This was a completely inaccurate post. NPR was contacted after it came out as there has never been an ad in Anarchy Online that involved integration with game play in any way. There has never been an ad there that required users to interact with it, much less required them to do so to complete a quest.