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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Opera DS Demo Clarification

I hadn't really expected my somewhat speculative idea on how web based demos would work to be picked up by like three or four sites ... but I do want to address one very valid point:

If the DS is running Opera, how could it run a demo ... it's not exactly a multitasking machine.

From what I can glean about how the DS works ... absolutely correct. And I don't know squat about the DS operating system, but all signs point to "I'm good at doing one thing at a time" and not "I'll run this in the background while you go play Tetris."

I had actually thought of this ... my assumption being that out of any browser out there in the world, Opera is very smart about maintaining state. It really likes to remember where you left off. Perhaps the DS version won't follow suit, but I would find that surprising. So I would guess that once the "plugin" kicked off, the browser would terminate. When the demo was done, the browser could be restarted where you left it. I would imagine most demos could even be smart enough to know to start the browser for you when you left.

Anyway, it's a good point and I wanted to address it.

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1 comment:

Patrick said...

I agree its a mistake to not allow direct demos for the DS. If Nintendo reps happen to read this blog, take note.