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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Kotaku-IGN Blogjam

I totalled missed this apparent crossblog flamewar. The Gaming Hobo covers it quite well, but the short of it is that an IGN editor posted (rather someone posted) on his personal blog that he might be switching editorships, Kotaku ran with it as a story, it turned out to be a prank and then there was much, much gnashing of teeth.

It's funny, just this morning I wondered ... what if two major gaming sites I never read anymore got into a fight? Would anyone hear the noise?

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Andy said...

Well you're not alone in not reading either. I stopped reading IGN when they started Insider and haven't looked back. Kotaku have gone the same way now.

I still can't quite believe the whole thing really. What did either party think they were achieving?

Brinstar said...

I stopped reading IGN way back when they started adding non-gaming crap, and recently stopped reading Kotaku. I only knew about this drama via The Escapist Blog.

P.S. -- I don't like Florian Eckhardt.

Greg Tannahill said...

Between this, which is like the internet equivalent of "takes one to know one", and the whole "BURNED, Sony, BURNED" thing (what are they, 14?), I don't really have any intention of visiting either site in the near future. I get my industry news from Gamasutra, my fan news from Gamespot, my alternative commentary from Water Cooler, and whatever gaps remain get filled by my blogroll. There's plenty of interest in the gaming world without teenagers manufacturing meta-news.

Thomas said...

Yeah, Eckhardt's a big reason I quit reading Kotaku.

Josh said...

Somehow the comments seemed like the beginning of the end for Kotaku to me. I think they tried to widen their appeal to the lowest common denominator and in the process became more like the gaming forums than the gaming blogs.