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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

DVD Watch: Night Watch

I think The Brother recommended Night Watch first, but I was surprised I didn't hear more about it from the Chicago crowd. The movie portrays an underground world deep wtih conflict between light and dark "Others" ... humans with special abilities like shapeshifting and sorcery. It reminds me slightly of the first Highlander ... one part low budget late night flick and another part arthouse noir. While Highlander may have leaned to the former, Night Watch leans towards the latter. It's trying to describe a richly layered world where the rules of the supernatural aren't always clearly defined. In fact the movie's largest flaw is that it can be a bit disjointed and difficult to follow at times. When the audience meets back up with Anton in the beginning of the film, so much has changed that you're almost struggling for clues as to his true nature.

In the end though, that's what makes the movie work. Nothing in Night Watch is straightforward - even the concept of good and evil is dragged into question. When a vampire dies in this world, there's serious ramifications for everyone ... unlike the multitude of dust fodder as portrayed in your average monster matinee. Highly recommended.

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