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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Comcast Technician Sleeps On Customer's Couch

Finkelstein posted video of the sleeping technician and told this story on, a site that lets users share videos:
His Comcast Internet connection had worked only intermittently since he moved to a new apartment June 1. A Comcast employee who came to Finkelstein's home June 14 to replace the modem called the company for help. Put on hold for more than an hour, he caught some shut-eye while he waited.
Finkelstein, a Georgetown University law student, picked up his video camera, added an Eels song with the lyrics "I need some sleep," and sent it to YouTube.
-- Comcast Employee Sleeps During House Call

You can see the video on YouTube. I personally hate Comcast to their dark stained corporate soul. My digital cable with them was a joke - constantly fuzzy and channels dropping off on me. Their technical support was, ironically to this, the only thing I liked about them. When I could finally get through customer support (I think I came close to napping myself) and get someone out to fix it, they'd always arrive on time and work promptly.

Then came the day I got a mail from Comcast gleefully stating that I'd get a few new channels (at a cost) ... real useful channels like ESPN Golf 3 (largely mini golf and senior citizen tournaments, I think). So now, I couldn't watch channels I wanted, could barely get anyone on the phone to complain and was getting to pay for new channels I never wanted.

I dropped them cheerfully shortly thereafter. Have had DirectTV at the new place and loved every minute of it.

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