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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Answering Your Questions

Resolving some of the unanswered questions that people googled their way to this site:

Will I be able to make games for the Wii using Torque?
I would guess yes, considering the luck some have had with moving their Torque projects to platforms like Xbox Live and and the Palm OS. Naturally there might be some elbow grease involved in getting it running that way ... you couldn't just use TorqueScript and expect it to fly or anything. You'll have to write some C++ bridge code or hope someone else has some to share.

Note though that GarageGames has, I think, a seperate Console License for releasing onto any game console platform.

Wei-hwa's puzzles boring?
Well, they're certainly no fragfest.

Should i delete my pre searing character?
Totally dude. You haven't touched it since you reached Kryta and you know you're going to spend all your time with player versus player action these days anyway. Use the slot for a fresh PvP build and be happy.

Is Traci Melchior married?
Yes. And Rob's a SWAT officer and can totally kick your ass.

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