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Friday, March 17, 2006

Earn Your Red Star

In the new Chinese Internet Game, "Learning from Comrade Lei Feng" ... you can play to be a good citizen:

In the game, the players play the role of a young pioneer. Pedestrians may say dirty words, trample upon grass, spit or litter on the road or break traffic rules and the players' tasks are to stop these bad habits or deeds while helping old men cross the street.

If players accomplish their tasks, they are rewarded with bonus points, which, if sufficiently high, earn them a red star as an extra prize, said 12-year-old Jiao Jian, "When the four points, fame and loyalty rise to a set standard, we have a chance to see Chairman Mao at magnificent Tian'anmen Square."
-- Mao's Model Soldier Stars in New Internet Game

Wow. That. sounds. like. fun. I'm guessing stabbing hookers for their money is right out.

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1 comment:

Thomas said...

Depends on if you stab them in an ideologically-correct way.

To its credit, the PRC has (if I remember correctly) been working hard on trying to fight rampant littering and traffic problems since China industrialized so quickly. I guess that's one way to do it.