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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Moore On V For Vendetta

Alan Moore is, simply, something of a genius when it comes to writing comics. He's managed to add depth and complexity to a medium where most wouldn't bother trying look. I can't imagine the guy's mental anguish when League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was screened. Now, V for Vendettta is hitting the screen. The Beat gets the man on the phone (so to speak):

The Beat: Your name is on [the] League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [film], right?

Moore: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was the reason why I decided to take my name off all subsequent films.

The Beat: Well…[General laughter] I think anyone might have done that! But go on…

Moore: Yeah, a lot of things which had to do with League made me decide I really wanted nothing to do with the American film industry in any shape or form. Which is why I asked DC if I could possibly have my name taken off the films and the money redistributed. This went fine with the Constantine film. This was because my name was never going to go on the Constantine film in the first place. Because that had gone so well, I distributed the money amongst the other artists my name hadn’t been on the film and I was completely happy. I assumed when DC then sent me paperwork so I could sign my money over to David Lloyd on the V for Vendetta film this was going to go fine.

It didn't. I had an American producer actually lying about my involvement in the film, which made me look like a liar. When I said I'm not taking any money from these films and I'm not interested in them, he makes a statement that's completely dishonest and was saying the complete opposite. So I felt I had to at that point exercise my right to completely sever myself from DC Comics if, assuming that they weren't able to just get a simple retraction, nothing humiliating, just a simple retraction apology and clarification that would have said we regret that due to a misunderstanding blah blah blah. That would have been all.
-- A FOR ALAN, Pt. 1: The Alan Moore interview (via BoingBoing)

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