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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mutant Living Pinatas

People like to have fun guessing just what the heck crazy thing occured on Earth to allow the events of Animal Crossing to occur. When I started playing Wild World, I just followed the apocalypse theory and assumed most everyone I ever knew was dead and all the woodland creatures had mutated. I even walked around with a gas mask for protection.

Then I got a letter from should-be-dead-from-an-atomic-cloud mom and I didn't know what to think. So I accepted the communist lifestyle and got decked out in a little Mao outfit.

Now, Microsoft will be entering the game with Viva Pinata, which is apparently a game involving living talking pinatas that are born from stork delivered eggs. Designed, quite smartly, to hone on the Sims/Animal Crossing demographic ... it still makes me wonder what these people are smoking when they design this stuff. If a Pinata dies, do they consider it a regrettable candy related accident? Maybe they're going for an abused animal shelter angle.

At any rate, it's nice to see a next gen game that doesn't involved Nintendo or bragging about hidef screens.

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1 comment:

Jeffool said...

See, I assumed that 'I' had died and that this was the next level of existence for us all. Think about it. The worse thing that happens is you fall into a pit or get stung by a bee. We could all be so lucky to live in such a world!

Then the mom letters came and, well, maybe she's just writing them in her diary or something...

But yeah, Viva Pinata is a really interesting looking game, to say the least.