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Monday, March 13, 2006

Miami Herald Fears Bully

25 to Life is like, already, so old news. I mean, why limit scaring the general public about games which have been released? Kotaku found that the Miami Herald has gone back to the well to drum up some fears about Rockstar's Bully ... easily the most hated game nobody has ever played:

A board committee unanimously approved his resolution Thursday, and the full board is expected to vote Wednesday. If it's approved, Miami-Dade's would be the first major school system in the country to take sides against Bully, according to Jack Thompson, a Coral Gables attorney.

''The goal is to make it such a negative thing that the retailers won't carry it,'' Thompson said. ``This thing hasn't really reached critical mass as a [public relations] problem yet; that's what I'm trying to do.''

Bullying and video-game violence have been hot issues in public education, and the new game captures the passions of both. Numerous South Florida incidents have personalized questions of teenage violence. A then-14-year-old Michael Hernandez is charged with the 2004 killing of classmate Jaime Gough in the bathroom of Southwood Middle School, and three Broward County teenagers have been charged with murder and attempted murder for attacks on homeless men this year.

''As I've championed and the board has unanimously supported measures improving student safety, it becomes more and more apparent that some external factors impact it,'' BolaƱos said.


But a reporter who saw parts of the game previewed last spring said it was hardly a ''Columbine simulator,'' as Thompson put it, referring to the 1999 killing of 12 students and a teacher by two classmates at a Colorado school.

''There are no police chasing you, there's no AK-47s -- this is a game they said they're trying to create as lighthearted and fun,'' said Andy McNamara, Game Informer's editor in chief. ``Anybody who went to high school and was a nerd is familiar with these things.''
-- Secretive new video game might inspire school bullies

Ah, never let facts get in the way of your opinion. Might spoil all the fun. And I love how they call the game "secretive". Like nobody has heard of it, or seen screenshots or anything. Please ... Half-Life 2 was secretive. Bully is unfinished. There's a big difference. And of course Thompson is there, acting like Bully being released into stores will cause the next Columbine. Again, I don't exaggerate when it comes to BatJack. There is no point, the man is walking hyperbole.

Course, the fact that no evidence can show video games have caused any waves of violence or crime or graffiti or heck, probably not even skipping school. Parents - your kids are far more in danger from obesity than video games. Hands down. Maybe these "journalists" and "school board administrators" and "lawyers" don't need to worry about reality and facts ... but you do ... you got a more important job to perform.

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