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Friday, March 17, 2006

WoW Player Banned For Using Keyboard

Logitech released a keyboard which allows stringing keys together into macros.

According to Blizzard, that's botting and you can be banned. This player, who is also a Linux user and suspects that Blizzard might have detected Wine as "third party software", engaged in an email campaign to spare his level 60 from permaban, but apparently to no avail:

Some other threads popped up here and there. Some people don't believe I was upgrading my weapon skills; however, Blizzards logs will show no loot gained. In fact, I was hitting a single mob all the time (read my mails). I have about 300to 400 gold on my mage and my priest - I don't need to AFK gold grind. Money isn't an issue, nor is XP at level 60. Not to mention it was a level 25 mob...

And another thing, to all the people who think I lie and I was running a bot: you go and try to get any bot program running under WINE, on Linux. After this whole thing I actually looked at some of this software, and guess what? They all need MS .NET Framework. That's really never ever going to run on Linux with WINE. Anyway, it's up to you if you believe me or not.

Blizzard put the lid on some of the forum talk. I quote: We do not discuss bans on the forums. If your friend has an issue with a ban, he should reply to the email he would have been sent. I agree with them. I would love to solve this over e-mail; however, AccountReview mails get auto-replied stating that they do not want to communicate with me. My WoWConcerns e-mails have yet to be repied. I still hope they will.

So, if anything, let this be a warning: even if Blizzard states that programmable keyboards are OK, you will get banned if you use them, depending on the situation. Its just a shame that due to the massive real botters, they aren't open to any real world explanations.

GG Blizz :(

GG indeed.

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