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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Play Fate

Fate is a Diablo style dungeon hack that features some decent graphics and seems to take make and honest effort to address some of the gameplay issues when it comes to that genre, like shopping and crafting.

This going to be an odd recommendation, because this is a game I currently have no access to try (it's Windows only) and have mixed feelings about the core technology, Wild Tangent, that drives it. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try it though. I mention it here mostly because it looks like a decent effort and as far as I know, nobody's heard of it. And that kind of thing kinda sticks in my paw, so to speak.


Corvus said...

I downloaded this a day or two ago and had planned on waiting for my laptop to return (I dramatically squished down the WinXP install, but left it just for demos), but now I think I'll see if Cedega can wrap itself around it.

Corvus said...

Cedega was a no-go with the installer.

Got my lappie back Monday and jumped into Win yesterday to check it out and it's... okay. Kind of cute, but extremely mindless gameplay, a la Diablo.