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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dev Day Diary: Gettin Purty

The beautification process, at about 10%. I've also run into a snag ... I think my Torque client is in total violation of the LGPL :( Will need to rip out the current lib and replace the rpc calls, which honestly shouldn't be too bad and might be lighter weight in the end.

I'm beginning to think that 2D was really the way to get back in touch with the visual side of games->art as opposed to games->prose, which I know is an odd way to look at code, but if you even got that last bit you know what I'm talking about anyway.


Kyhwana said...

You can't use an LGPL code with Torque, obviously.

Check the FSF's (L)GPL faq for stuff about RPC calls and such. But I don't think you're allowed to distribute anything that links Torque and (L)GPL code.

Josh said...

That would be my read on it as well, Lewis. They fundamentally contradict each other, unless there is someway to use the LGPL code completely seperate from the Torque binary so that the Torque code wouldn't have to be revealed.

I'm fairly certain that that I can emulate the XMLRPC client without the LGPL code and only use the LGPL code with the visualizer (and completely independant from the Torque-based client), which would have been open source anyway.