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Thursday, May 19, 2005

MS FauxPas 2.0

I was hoping that Microsoft might earn back a little cred after their MTV special, but apparently they unveiled something unexpected at E3:

But the press conference started about 40 minutes late, so we on the main floor had a lot of time to look at these people. They seemed like they could be developers or bloggers or something... they were all 20'ish, in jeans and T-shirts and whatnot. But, they were all fairly attractive - or at least the women were - as was noticed by the people behind me.

The next thing we noticed was that none of them wore the little circular pins we all had been given when we came in. Hmmm. Weird.

Satori has the story, although I think I technically read about this on kotaku first. While yeah, I'm sure this kind of thing isn't unique to this situation ... that doesn't make it any less pathetic. If Microsoft can't get people honestly excited about a brand skippy new game console, maybe they shouldn't try to fake it.

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