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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another funny Google Ads thought

It's ironic that I've ranted against Lucas and his films a couple times here, only to be rewarded by schlocking his goods in my header. God I love those things. That kind of sense of humor is like, a sign of sentient life.


Winkyboy said...

Does anyone really even LOOK at Google ads? Shell, I've phased them out of my view long ago, like so many 468x70 animated-GIF banners.

Josh said...

I don't think they do. I mean, some people somewhere must, to keep Google in donuts, but they aren't people from around here.

I put them in merely as a curiosity, to see what kind of tools AdSense had and to see how it might work, but I've mostly left them in because I've found them highly amusing.

Winkyboy said...

Well that's true - they are amusing, when you notice them. Now, on this thread, it's advertising for geiger counters and radiation equipment.


Kind of like all that "My Tivo thinks I'm gay" stuff that was going 'round.