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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Micro. Again, I ask ... why??

So, the the GameBoy Micro is essentially my GBA SP, but slightly wider and without the foldscreen that I so dearly love. Same processor, same game library, supposedly a better screen.

This isn't the GameBoy upgrade we've been expecting, right? Surely there is another product in the lineup following suit shortly. Because while I get that it's sleek and small and portable ... so is the GBASP.

Perhaps Nintendo did the math and realized they shouldn't diverge the Nintendo DS demographic and allow the PSP to do a WWF style shoulder drop in the middle. It's not that I think the Micro is a bad thing, it seems like a pretty slick form factor ... but I wouldn't choose it over the SP. While the SP will give me the occasional hand cramp, the flip design is perfect for tucking into jeans and tossing around during long trips.

Or perhaps Nintendo has just decided to hold onto the next-gen GameBoy news for after this whole fray of specs and stats and wild punditry.

Or MAYBE the GameBoy IS the Revolution ....

OK, maybe not.

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