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Thursday, May 19, 2005

In Robin's Words

The oddest thing I saw, by far, was the GBA Mini: a super small version of old tech with no real forseeable value other than the fact that it is… tiny. If you understand what Nintendo is thinking here, please drop me a note

She's also got a great rundown of some of the games being shown.

I got nothin', dear Hunicke. I dunno what the old N is up to with this particular shenanigan. Indeed, it looks adorable, but how many times can they repackage the GBA hardware and hope to stay the market leader? Nintendo seems to have made this odd deal with the GBA crowd that they still get plenty of attention, like a worried parent would do after having their second child.

Look, N, you're the grandaddy of backwards compatible. You're the king. We know you have our backs. We know that even if you gave up on consoles and started making transistor radios that we'll probably be able to still play Fire Emblem off them. You don't have to appease use with making last year's stuff in a shiny new case that doesn't sport some new features.

Oh well. I still think the next GBA should be the Revolution controller, and if need be, I'm prepared to do more poorly organized hoaxes to prove that point.

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